Founded in 1996, Teknik Fuarcilik Inc., organizes  ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition which among the world’s most important textile machinery exhibitions  and HIGHTEX International Technical Textiles and Nonwovens Fair, Turkey’s first and only event in the field. In addition, it is an expert in sectoral publishing with the Tekstil Teknoloji Magazine for the textile and textile technologies sector and Nonwoven Technology Magazines special for the Technical Textiles & Nonwoven sector.

Operating in the fields of exhibition and publishing Güney Fuarcilik Inc., which is a group company of Teknik Fuarcilik Inc., has been named as GÜNEY BİOMEDİKAL SAĞLIK ÜRÜNLERİ Inc. will proceed on it’s way by name.

The new fields of activities of Güney Biomedical for the health sector are:

Technologies, devices, materials and products used in the entire health sector; production of accessories and spare parts, purchase-sale, import-export, service and maintenance. All kinds of medical devices, laboratory materials, radiology and nuclear medicine materials, sterile materials, orthopedic and surgical materials, plasters, bandages, tools used in dental treatment, and instruments and devices used in making dentures, all dental and dental materials.

In addition to these; by making production and purchase-sale, import and export of all kinds of medical materials, all kinds of orthopedic products and devices, all textile and apparel products used in the health sector (apron, galosh, bone, stretcher cover, mask, gloves, tubus, sheets, pillow covers), it aims to provide the best service in order to meet all the needs of hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, laboratory and doctor clinics, dental polyclinics and health institutions.

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